More about “Great Idea, but….”

27 Feb

I recently shared an excerpt from the Intro of my workbook “Great Idea! But…”  a self-help guide to inspiring others to act on your ideas. The feedback was so helpful; I am busy re-writing it.  Thanks! Here is another excerpt, this time from Chapter 2: Inspire Yourself.

Focus on Genius

“Genius” means more than just intelligence. In ancient Rome a genius was the guiding spirit of a person, family, or place. The term comes from Latin meaning “to create or produce.” These days, we tend to attribute genius to people who are leaders in fields such as physics, engineering, mathematics, art, or spoken word. However, it can mean so much more. Sophie is a genius at asking powerful questions. Alesia is a genius at collaboration. Perry is a gifted story teller. Tigran’s genius is empathy. Lauren is a genius at motivating others. I like to think my genius is an ability to synthetize ideas.

Focusing on genius is in some ways, the opposite of analysis because you are intentionally looking for the good.

By focusing on the genius in others, you can appreciate your own. What do you most appreciate about yourself?

Worksheet: I am a Genius at…

Which of your qualities or strengths tend to gratify you the most when you apply them? For example, if you are good at problem solving, how does solving a problem make you feel? How does your genius tend to show up? The point of this worksheet is for you to focus on your strengths in order to build some confidence and hope. In other words, don’t be shy. Here is a great chance for you to celebrate your gifts.

My Genius How These Qualities Tend to Show Up




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