10 WILD Ideas for Designing Transformational Learning Programs

2 Aug

In June I had the privilege of attending a gathering at the Gestalt International Study Center in Wellfleet, MA. (I strongly recommend it!) There I met 50+ amazing individuals who work as organizational development consultants, life coaches, therapists, and educators. As we exchanged ideas about how to foster and inspire growth in individuals, organizations, and in ourselves… I was struck by the fact that I was probably the only “instructional designer” (“ID”) in the crowd. There were lots of gifted and talented trainers, teachers and educators, but I seemed to be the only one who chose this particular field. As I explained again and again, what I do for a living I had a big”aha”.

I realized that I need to do a better job SHARING my point of view with potential collaborators and clients. What ID’s do is somewhat esoteric… it’s easier to understand if you have visual aids, stories and descriptions of how we view and scope problems, how we lean in and move out, how we evoke awareness.

So I went home and wrote a book.

It’s not a very BIG book, only 14 pages. But it is a work of love called “10 WILD Ideas for Designing Transformational Learning Programs” (one musn’t give away the entire store!) and it was a blast to create it. I think it captures the essence of what I offer as a design collaborator. It has a few of my own illustrations and a few stories that explain how my love for art, community, and colorful office supplies combined into a passion for instructional design.  It gives some hints about why I think play is not just an okay thing to encourage in a learning program – it is mandatory.

If you would like to obtain a PDF of the booklet you only have to do three things. 1.) make a comment on this blog post so I can know you visited, 2.) email me at deborahwild@comcast.net to order one. 3.) After you’ve read it, email me back with feedback or comments.

I trust and welcome your input!



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